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Membership Criteria

Membership is open to research-led universities with a commitment to the principles of AC21, an engagement as demonstrated by an exchange agreement with two or more current members, and the motivation to contribute to AC21 events and activities.


Institutions wishing to join AC21 should be nominated through the following procedures. 
(1) Each AC21 member may nominate a member, but the new candidate must have two or more university-wide agreements with AC21 members and work closely with the member who nominates them.
(2) Before joining, any new potential member must first attend an International Forum and participate in a General Assembly as an observer.
(3) New potential members must hand in a letter of commitment to AC21 and send it to the University who is recommending them. This letter should include the following commitments.
  1) To send a representative to every AC21 International Forum and General Assembly 
  2) To attend at least half of the events held by AC21 
  3) To organize and hold a major AC21 event (partly supported by AC21) at least once every 10 years 
  4) To write out a plan of how they will contribute to AC21 
  5) The university who recommends a new member must submit a letter of recommendation to the General Secretariat 
(4) The decision to include a new member will be made by the STC and should be unanimous.


Enquiries with regard to membership should be made to the AC21 General Secretariat at office@ac21.org.

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