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STC / GA AC21 General Secretariat

Steering Committee (STC)/General Assembly (GA)

Convening annually, the Steering Committee acts as the executive branch of the General Assembly. It develops and reviews the strategic direction and implementation of AC21 policies and collaborative projects, reporting the results to the General Assembly. General Assembly meetings are held biennially, and involve all AC21 member institutions.

AC21 General SecretariatAC21

General Secretariat was established on October 15, 2002 as the head office of AC21, located in Nagoya University. The General Secretariat consists of a director, deputy-directors, a project coordinator, Nagoya University’s academic faculties and administrative staff. The General Secretariat holds meetings every month to update AC21 activities and exchanges ideas to further the development of AC21. The General Secretariat is in charge of sending information to members of any upcoming activities involving AC21. The General Secretariat also publishes biannual newsletters.

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