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Activities between members

Cooperation between Member Institutions


 AC21 provides opportunities to access funding and resources to support research networking. In particular, research funding offered by the Universities of Sydney and Nagoya is available to promote relationships between AC21 member institutions. It would be productive to build on these collaborative projects. 


·  Research funds of the University of Sydney


In September 2007, the University of Sydney established a research fund to support collaboration and research between itself and other members of international consortia of which it is a member. The maximum grant awarded will be 10,000 AUSD (8,900 USD) with an expected duration of 2 years. Applications can be made through academic staff at the University of Sydney. In November 2007, grants worth up to 10,000 AUSD each were distributed among 22 international collaborative research projects.


·  Seed funds of Nagoya University


Nagoya University has established seed funds for projects that will help promote AC21 and its activities. These funds can be applied for by academic staff of Nagoya University. In 2006 three awards* were made each with a value of around 500,000 JPY (4,300 USD).


 *In 2007, the fund provided approximately one million JPY (though not more than 1.5 million JPY) for each of the ten projects.


Other activities between AC21 members,


·   Collaboration between Chemnitz University of Technology, Nagoya University and Korea University in the field of composite materials (2003~present, funded primarily by the German DAAD).


·   Research symposia by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Nagoya University

Venue: Nagoya University (Nov. 2007), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Nov.2008)


·   A symposium held by Nagoya University and Tongji University - “Sustainable Urban Transport and City -Technologies and policies for long term planning and Expo-” Oct. 2005.


·   Peking University held a “University of Sydney Day” and University of Sydney will host a similar event vise versa.

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