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Globalization in education and the concomitant necessity to evaluate and compare standards, has rendered benchmarking an increasingly important activity for leading institutions. AC21 inter-university collaboration has resulted in studies on student course experiences, quality and evaluation in higher education, and faculty development.


The benchmarking activities were initiated with the aim of comparing the research, education, and management of each university on an objective basis. This information can be used both to identify areas for improvement and, thus, to take action to remedy the weaknesses.


Student Course Experience Questionnaire - SCEQ - Survey
As a pilot project, the University of Sydney and Nagoya University conducted a survey of graduating students to determine their degree of satisfaction with their host institute. The questionnaire was initially prepared by the University of Sydney and subsequently translated into Japanese for use at Nagoya University. The University of Sydney proposed in 2005, and the survey was carried out in Nagoya University in March 2006. The results were reported during the AC21 International Forum at the University of Warwick.

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