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Join the Student World Forum 2009 in Chemnitz!



22th- 27th June 2009


What is the Student World Forum?


The Student World Forum is initiated by the AC 21. AC21 stands for the Academic Consortium 21 and is an international network of academic and non-academic institutions with the purpose of encouraging the advancement of global corporation to benefit higher education.

The idea of AC21 Student World Forum is giving students, from AC21 members from all over the world, the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas concerning international issues and analyzing them from different cultural backgrounds and viewpoints. 

Why Chemnitz University of Technology?


Chemnitz is situated in the heart of the enlarged European Union. With 250000 inhabitants and another 1.3 million in the metro region, Chemnitz is the third-largest city in Saxony.

This dynamic technology centre is one of the leading industrial locations in eastern Germany with the main focus on the high-tech sector, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry. Important industrial companies such as Siemens, IBM and Volkswagen are located here.

Chemnitz University of Technology profits by the industrial potential of the region. The university cooperates with the local industry and ensures state of the art research and practice-oriented teaching for their students.

The university offers excellent conditions for study and research. Over 10600 students benefit from international and interdisciplinary degree programmes, strong research-profiles and exceptionel teaching facilities.

Thanks to a variety of international exchange programmes, Chemnitz students can also be found in all parts of the world.

Internationally-recognised bachelor’s and master’s degrees offer interdisciplinary learning, better international comparability and more practical relevance, which are excellent prerequisites for various career options worldwide. 

And what about the topic of the SWF in Chemnitz?


Topic: “Meeting the global challenges: Production in the 21st century”

The environment we are living in is in a changing progress. The decrease of natural resources requires new methods to save energy and materials.

For this reason the 3rd Student World Forum will be addressing the issue "Production in the 21st Century" and explore ways that production technology can be applied through the advances in innovation and technology to meet some of these global challenges. 


What can you expect?   


 As a participant of the SWF you will have the opportunity to take part in interesting workshops and excursions as well as enjoy a lively sightseeing and social program.

Some of the excursions planned include a visit to the Volkswagen production plant, where you will have an impression of modern and innovative production lines.

As a special event, you will visit the Virtual Reality Laboratory, one of the world leading virtual research centres. A trip to the ultramodern Sports Laboratory is also on the agenda where the shoes of the world famous Formula 1 Driver, Michael Schumacher, were developed.

Furthermore you will get to know our beautiful city of Chemnitz – not only as an important industrial city, but also as a centre of culture.

Stroll through the lovely cobblestone streets and take a break for shopping and dining in the lively city centre with its fashionable stores and cafes.

Take in the breathtaking views of the lovely surroundings of Chemnitz including the Ore Mountains with its world-renowned handcrafts and the capital city of Dresden with its baroque castles, opera and museums.

The highlight of your stay will be the University Ball, where academics, economists and students come together in a nice atmosphere, where fine dining, dancing and entertainment are in store.



 We look forward to seeing you in June at Chemnitz University of Technology!


Student World Forum

Student World Forum 2009
Theme:PRODUCTION – Meeting the Global Challenges
Venue:Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany)
Date:June 22 - 27, 2009
Photo Gallery:Student World Forum 2009
Forum Offical Website:http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/tu/ac21
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