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University of Adelaide

Title of the program Summer and Winter School
Academic Major Courses from a range of academic majors on offer
Educational level of the program Bachelors and Masters
Language(s) used English
Intended participants of the program Domestic and International
Duration and schedule Summer School courses run at varying times and for varying durations from first week of January to the third week of February.

Winter School courses run at varying times and for varying durations from last week of June to the third week of July.
Description of course/cirriculum

The University of Adelaide runs a number of credit-bearing undergraduate and postgraduate courses during the Australian summer (Jan-Feb) and winter (June-July) periods. There are a wide range of exciting courses on offer taught by leading academics. Each course is worth 3 University of Adelaide credit points, which is equivalent to ¼ of a full semester load. These courses are of equal quality and standing to those taught in the main semesters. Students taking these courses will have the opportunity to mix in the classroom with local and international University Students, which enables them to engage actively in cross cultural experiences. Students are able to take one or two courses during both the Summer and Winter School. 

Accommodation and cultural activities are also available and these courses can also be packaged with an English language component for those students wanting to further improve their language skills. 

For more information about course offerings and package options please contact


Website URL www.adelaide.edu.au/summerandwinterschool/