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University of Freiburg

Title of the program International Language Courses, German Language and Culture
Academic Major All
Educational level of the program All levels
Language(s) used German
Intended participants of the program International
Duration and schedule 4 weeks (March, August, September)
Description of course/cirriculum The course "German Language and Culture" offers several classes at language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Language CEFR). This course is aimed at students who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the German language in a daily four-hour lesson. Here the essentials of German grammar will be reviewed; practice will also be given in reading and listening comprehension and literary expression. The morning course consists of a total of 64 (16 x 4) hours. The lessons can be complemented by daily practice at the Language Lab. The language levels B2 and higher offer language skills and tips for the German university system. Students will be introduced to study techniques, e.g. giving presentations, taking notes, and writing summaries and term papers. The morning course can be complemented by attending seminars and lectures in the afternoon. For participants who plan on studying at the University of Freiburg or another university in Germany in the next semester, we recommend the follow-up introductory course "Studying in Germany". Day trips to the Black Forest, Switzerland and the Alsace Region of France are offered in addition to a varied program in and around Freiburg, organized by our dedicated student helpers.
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