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Jilin University

Title of the program Northeast Asia Culture Immersion Summer Tour Study Program
Academic Major All
Educational level of the program Bachelor, Master and PhD
Language(s) used Chinese
Intended participants of the program International
Duration and schedule We will be able to work with you to structure a specialized program for a group of minimum number of 8 persons. The program length, time and curriculum are all at your choice and tailor-made.
Summer Program: Any time between mid-June and Early September; any length ranging from 1 to 10 weeks.
Winter Program: Between mid-December to mid-March, except 7 days during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Description of course/cirriculum Chinese Language Class: Flexible, effective and practical way of teaching suits the students best and quickly improves the oral, listening, reading and writing ability. Lectures on China’s traditional culture, old customs and habits, as well as visits to historical scenic points greatly enrich the study.
Chinese Culture Class: Lectures on Chinese Politics, Economy and Trade, International Relations, Traditional Chinese Culture, taught in different languages. Activities include also factory, countryside, residential area visits, etc.
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