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Kasetsart University

Title of the program Planning for Sustainable Development in Thailand (PSDT2015)
Academic Major Social, spatial, environmental and mobility studies
Educational level of the program Master (advanced bachelor students may also apply)
Language(s) used English
Intended participants of the program International
Duration and schedule 2 weeks (8-21 August 2015)
Description of course/cirriculum

Each year, Kasetsart University’s Division of Urban and Environmental Planning organizes an International Training Program for students from around the world. The program takes the shape of a two-week research and design exercise centered on a specific planning challenge in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand. It aims to sharpen students’ research, planning and design skills, and offers them an intercultural and interdisciplinary learning experience. In recent years, the program has attracted Thai, Japanese, Chinese and European students from such disciplines as urban planning, environmental planning, landscape design, human geography, international development studies, political science and industrial ecology.


This year, we focus on transit-oriented development (TOD). Participants will have a chance to learn all about TOD and to directly apply the acquired knowledge to a real life case. The case is situated in the Thai city of Rayong, located about 180km southeast from Bangkok. Plans for the construction of a mass transit system in Rayong are in an advanced stage and the city seeks advice about what can be done in terms of urban redesign and rearrangement to make sure that the proposed station areas become true transit-oriented communities. Participants in the programme will be challenged to give their best to help the city in this quest. They will be assigned to make a comprehensive redevelopment plan for the city’s main station area using TOD principles and more.
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