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North Carolina State University

Title of the program Sustainable Agriculture Internship Program at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)
Academic Major All
Educational level of the program Undergraduate
Language(s) used English
Intended participants of the program Domestic and *International
Duration and schedule Summer (June-July)
Description of course/cirriculum Summer Interns with the Center for Environmental Farming Systems come from all over the country and world to work with faculty members on weekly classroom learning activities, hands-on farming experience, community projects and focused research projects conducted at CEFS' 2,000-acre research farm in Goldsboro, N.C. We are seeking highly-motivated undergraduate students from a variety of different backgrounds, with a strong interest in sustainable agriculture, to participate in a unique 8-week summer internship. CEFS summer interns will learn about the concepts and practices of various aspects of sustainable agriculture from expert faculty and staff at CEFS and through hands-on farm work, lectures and discussions, community engagement, and field trips to local farms and markets. Additionally, students will work in pairs with a CEFS faculty mentor to learn about an aspect of sustainable agriculture research.
Website URL www.cefs.ncsu.edu/getinvolved/internships.html

Note:*International students who would like to participate in the Center for Environmental Farming Systems' internship or apprenticeship program must apply via the Global Training Initiative (GTI). Application instructions are provided on the GTI website. All GTI application materials, GTI online forms, and GTI information about the application process are found at http://www.ncsu.edu/gti/application_materials.html. GTI also provides a chart that explains the process.