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North Carolina State University

Academic Major Multiple
Educational level of the program Bachelor
Language(s) used English
Intended participants of the program international
Duration and schedule 6 weeks, from July to August (month to month)
Description of course/cirriculum An opportunity for qualified and interested students to pursue the idea of studying and performing research under a faculty mentor at NC State through a six-week Summer Research Experience Program in 2009. This Program will: 1) Introduce students to different aspects of research (planning experiments, managing time, ethnic issues, writing up results, and presenting work) 2) Introduce students to mentors that can make a big difference in their future academic development 3) Support students as they determine if they are truly interested in pursuing a graduate degree that involves research 4) Enable students to work on projects of interest while gaining cross-cultural experiences 5) Help students meet other individuals at the University, and make contacts that can last a lifetime
Website URL oia.ncsu.edu/summer-research-program/