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Monthly Report No.10 (Apr. 23, 2008)

Dear AC21 Members,

Greetings from AC21 General Secretariat! We hope you are getting ready for our Fourth International 
Forum! Please book your hotel by May 1 if you are planning to stay at Hyatt Place Raleigh-North. On 
line booking is available from: http://continuingeducation.ncsu.edu/ac21.html

*AC21 session “Possibilities and Challenges of International University Consortia: Experience of 

AC21 General Secretariat held a session on AC21 and our progress over 5 years at the Third APAIE 
Conference which was held on March 27 at Waseda University. Director Prof. Nomizu, Deputy Director 
Dr. Horie and Project Coordinator Dr. Iwaki spoke about the possibilities, challenges and 
experiences of AC21 over past 5 years. The session was attended by more than 50 people and had a 
lively discussion. Many interesting ideas and comments were exchanged during the question and answer 
period. Many member institutions also visited the AC21/Nagoya University joint stand. The session 
indeed gave wide possible publicity to AC21. Through this experience, we felt that holding such 
session and promoting AC21 outside is extremely important and also necessary. We will continue to 
participate and hold sessions in similar events.

*AC21 International Forum Update*

NC State is finalizing the program for the Fourth International Forum. General Secretariat will also 
be sending you the agenda for STC and GA shortly. As stated earlier, please start booking the hotel 
as soon as you finalize your travel plans.

*AC21 presentation “Strategic Initiatives for University Internationalization” in George 
Washington University*

This symposium, which will be held on May 22 and 23 brings together leaders from U.S. and Japanese 
universities for substantial discussions about best practices for campus internationalization. The 
symposium especially considers the unique role that science and engineering education plays with 
regards to research universities internationalization strategies. At this symposium, AC21 Director 
Nomizu will speak about International Collaboration and Consortia on the second day. For more 
information, please visit http://www.siui.org

* AC21 Newsletter Vol. 5*

Our latest Newsletter should reach you by early next week. You can also find them on our website.

AC21 General Secretariat

Nagoya University

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