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Monthly Report

Monthly Report No.16 (Jun. 16, 2010)

Dear AC21 Members

Greetings from AC21 General Secretariat!

*Announcement of 2010 AC21 Special Project Fund Application Results*

The second round of applications for the AC21 Special Project Fund (ACSPF) closed on February 26, 2010.  After detailed examination by STC members, the following two projects were adopted.

  • Nanjing University, Nagoya University, The University of Sydney
    The Training Workshop on Three University’s Academic Discuss on Agricultural Production & Grain Safety Affected by Globalisation
  • The University of Sydney, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the University of Strasbourg
    Research Seminar and Clinical Trials Planning on the Anti-tumor Potential of Iron Chelators in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

The aim of the ACSPF is to promote the development of research and educational exchanges between AC21 members.  We expect these two projects can contribute to advancing AC21 activities and enhancing further collaborations.  They will receive our support for the year 2010.  

* The AC21 General Secretariat attended the NAFSA 2010 Conference*

The AC21 General Secretariat attended the NAFSA Conference 2010 held in Kansas City, U.S.A., from May 30 to June 4. 
Chemnitz University of Technology held an AC21 working breakfast meeting at the NAFSA Conference on July 3.  This was the second time Chemnitz University of Technology held such a meeting at a NAFSA conference, and representatives from North Carolina State University, the University of Sydney, the University of Strasbourg and Nagoya University joined the meeting.
The lively discussion covered key issues on “The Bologna Process in Germany by the example of Chemnitz University of Technology --- current situation and problems for the international student exchange” (presented by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Zanger, Vice-President for Marketing and International Relationships, Chemnitz University of Technology), “The Bologna Process from a non-European perspective” (presented by Prof. John Taplin, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), the University of Adelaide) and “Accelerating Academic Cooperation through Modern Communication Utilities” (presented by Mr. Eberhard Alles, Chancellor, Chemnitz University of Technology), and many interesting ideas and comments were exchanged.  This experience made us feel that holding such meetings is extremely important.  We would like to thank Chemnitz University of Technology for their constant cooperation with AC21.

*The 5th AC21 International Forum in Shanghai*

As announced previously, the next AC21 International forum is going to be held in Shanghai.
Both the AC21 General Secretariat and Shanghai Jiao Tong University strongly encourage participation from all AC21 member institutions in the forum.  The General Assembly is scheduled for the afternoon of October 20.  It will provide an excellent opportunity for all members to gather, meet other members and discuss further collaboration and cooperation through AC21.

*Dates* October 18-21, 2010 at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
*Theme* “Competition and Cooperation among Universities in the Age of Internationalization”
*Three sub-themes*

  • University Ranking and the Evaluation of Higher Education
  • Graduate Education in the Age of Internationalization
  • Building World-Class Universities in the Age of Internationalization

October 18 Steering Committee Meeting (for STC members)
October 19 Forum Sessions and Concurrent Sub-theme Sessions
October 20 Forum Sessions and Concurrent Sub-theme Sessions
           Closing Session
           General Assembly Meeting in the afternoon
October 21 Post Conference Tour
*Participation Fee* AC21 members: $250 (Non-AC21: $350) Students and Postdoctoral scholars: $150

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