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Monthly Report

Monthly Report No.22 (Apr. 30, 2011)

Dear AC21 Members and Colleagues,

    It is time again for the monthly report from the AC21 General Secretariat.  Six weeks on since the triple disasters in Japan, we are thankful that there has been some degree of stabilization in the Northern Japan Tohoku region.  Despite the constant seismic aftershocks and over a hundred and thirty thousand people still living in temporary shelters, spring has arrived, which is a positive force helping the slow road to recovery.  We would like to once again thank all of our friends and partners for the many well wishes, feelings of solidarity and donations received from around the world during this difficult time for Japan.  
    March was also a busy month for the AC21 General Secretariat with visits to National Taiwan University to exhibit a booth at the Asia Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE).  AC21 members Jilin University and the University of Adelaide were also present.  We succeeded in answering many questions about the AC21 and its goals and aims, as well as forging many new ties and ideas for future events, collaborations and activities for the AC21.  The many workshops and presentations were definitely the highlight of the symposium with all themes focused on international education, collaboration and student exchanges.  The AC21 hopes to continue participating in future APAIE events.


    The AC21 project coordinator and AC21 General Secretariat Vice Director, Prof. Jiro Takai, also travelled to Stellenbosch University at the end of March to attend the “Stellenbosch International Academic Network Symposium” (SIAN).  It was the first time for the AC21 General Secretariat to travel to South Africa and we were thankful of the opportunity to attend this unique annual event.  We were equally impressed with South Africa’s natural beauty and appreciated the chance to fully experience the excellent hosting skills of our newest partner.  We were also given the opportunity to present the advantages and disadvantages of running an International Consortium, such as the AC21, during the presentation schedule.  Of particular interest were the well organized and motivational presentations by Stellenbosch University faculty and staff, outlining their many programs and projects.  The project that left the biggest impression was the “HOPE Project: Putting Academic and Research Expertise at the Service of Human Need”, which aims to apply science to Africa’s toughest challenges including communication, education, healthcare, food security and water resources.  We also attended presentations on International Student Mobility, Research and Postgraduate Studies at Stellenbosch University that left us with a full understanding of the university, its current programs and future research goals. Stellenbosch University hosts the SIAN meeting each year and we wholeheartedly encourage any AC21 members who are interested in further collaboration and partnerships with Stellenbosch University to attend in 2012.  An opportunity not to be missed!


    Preparations for the 4th AC21 Student World Forum at Chulalongkorn University are proceeding smoothly and will be held from May 15th to 21st.  At the last count, 63 students in total are scheduled to attend.  The AC21 General Secretariat is very much looking forward to participating in this bi-annual event.  The AC21 STC Meeting for 2011 will also be held next month at Chulalongkorn University on May 15th and 16th.  At 27 participants, this is set to be one of the largest and most vibrant meetings to date.  We are also looking forward to the campus tours and presentations organized by both of our Thai members, Chulalongkorn and Kasetsart Universities.  

    We would like to announce once again that Chemnitz University of Technology will be hosting its annual NAFSA Breakfast Meeting at this year’s 2011 NAFSA event in Vancouver, Canada.  The breakfast is planned for June 1st, 2011.  Details can be accessed through the AC21 website or Ms. Katrin Schulz may be contacted directly at


We thank you once again for your continued participation and look forward to meeting those of you taking part in the events in Bangkok and Canada in the coming weeks.

Sheri Love Yasue
AC21 Project Coordinator
AC21 General Secretariat
Nagoya University

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