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Monthly Report

Monthly Report No.25 (Aug. 31, 2011)

Dear AC21 Members and Partners,

The summer months have hit the Northern Hemisphere campuses and the summer holidays are upon us.
*Please note that the AC21 General Secretariat Office will be closed August 15-17 for summer holidays.
This season however has proved to be the perfect time for us to revise outdated information, both on the web and elsewhere.  As the improvements are ongoing, I will report the progress to date so far.

Webpage Updates and Improvements
Summer/Winter/Short Stay Programs:
Our webpage now has newly updated information on Summer/Winter/Short stay programs for 14 member universities, showcasing 32 programs.  We are still waiting for the updated information from a few members, however there are many new programs to check out.  We hope that your students will take advantage of these cross cultural learning opportunities to help facilitate their study abroad goals.  
Special Project Fund:
The information for the Special Project Fund on the webpage has also undergone some changes and has been enhanced to include information on all past research projects as well as participating universities.  We also plan to continue with improvements to this page, so stay tuned for future updates.  
International Forum:
The information for the International Forum such as venue, theme and timing has also been added to the webpage.  We will upload the link to the forum site and any new information as soon as they arrive from the University of Adelaide.  
Online Education:
After gaining consensus from the General Secretariat, it was decided to supplement the Online Education section on the webpage, found under the “Activities Section⇒Other Activities”, with additional programs that AC21 members have to offer.  If your university has an online program and would like to include a link or any additional information on the AC21 webpage, please let us know.  Additionally, in case members were not aware, the website also contains the “Japanese Grammar Online and Intermediate Listening Course”, first developed in 2006, and is free of charge for all AC21 members and students.  Summer is a great time to learn Japanese!  
AC21 Communicator Network List:
I am always interested in keeping our AC21 contact list up to date and as accurate as possible.  Please remember to send the General Secretariat a note to indicate any recent staff or faculty changes.  

Thank you.

Sheri Love Yasue
AC21 Project Coordinator
AC21 General Secretariat

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