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Monthly Report

Monthly Report No.9 (Mar. 19, 2008)

Dear AC21 Members,

Greetings from AC21 General Secretariat!

We are very happy that many of you have already responded positively to General Assembly meeting 
which will be held on July 30. We are truly looking forward to meeting all of you. The deadline is 
March 21, so if you have not submitted your attendance form, please do so by Friday. The General 
Assembly meeting is the only opportunity where all members get together to discuss AC21 and meet the 
members of your consortium. We would like for you to use this wonderful opportunity to expand 
collaboration and cooperation among members.

*International Forum Information ? Deadline March 25*

The deadline for the proposal is also approaching. Those of you who are thinking about holding a 
session, presentation or a poster presentation, please submit them to Ms. Erin Vlack, 

*AC21 session at Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) in Waseda University*

AC21 General Secretariat will be holding a session on AC21 at APAIE Conference on March 27. Our 
session is titled “Possibilities and Challenges of International University Consortia: Experience 
of AC21”. We will also set up a joint AC21/Nagoya University booth (14-4-16) in Bldg. 14, Room 409. 
If you are planning to come to APAIE, please join us. For more information about AC21 session, 
please visit http://www.apaie.org/

*Newsletter vol. 5*

We are currently printing the 5th edition of the AC21 Newsletter. We believe we will be able to send 
them to you early next month! We would like to thank our editorial board members for contributing 


AC21 General Secretariat
Nagoya University

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