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Monthly Report No.3 (Jun. 15, 2007)

Dear AC21 Members,

Greetings from AC21 General Secretariat!



From May 16 to 23, AC21 Director Professor Nomizu, AC21 General Secretariat member Professor Ge and AC21 Project Coordinator Associate Professor Iwaki visited several AC21 members in China. The first visit was made to The University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei, which is located in the capital city of Anhui Province. Then, the three flew to Shanghai to meet AC21 communicators in Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tongji University. Then, the group moved on to Nanjing to visit Nanjing University, and finally, the trip ended in Peking University. Former AC21 President Shin-ichi Hirano joined the visits from Shanghai, and he also participated in the discussion. At each university, the discussion went well and members promised for cooperation and expansion of AC21 future activities. All institutions are looking forward to participate in the Fourth International Forum 2008 in North Carolina State University. 



In the last monthly report, we mentioned that Freiburg University is celebrating its 550th anniversary this year. In China, while AC21 General Secretariat was on the visit, Tongji University celebrated 100th anniversary and Nanjing University celebrated 105th anniversary. There were distinguished guests and scholars from all over the world to participate in the ceremony. Former AC21 President Hirano and members of AC21 General Secretariat took part in the wonderful event. AC21 General Secretariat would like to take this moment to thank you for the hospitality and big congratulations to both universities!



The fifth STC will be held in October 25 and 26 at Nagoya University. Although Steering Committee meeting is a closed session only for STC members, the workshop following the meeting in the afternoon of 26th will be open to all members. The workshop will be on the topic concerning quality and evaluation of higher education, and currently AC21 General Secretariat is planning to invite speakers who specialize in the topic related. From AC21, Professor John Hearn of the University of Sydney will make a presentation titled “Global Education Challenge”. We would like as many AC21 members as possible to join this workshop. Please contact AC21 General Secretariat for further information.



AC21 General Secretariat would like to thank those members who sent the participant to ENPC for this year’s SWF. We have 22 participating students from AC21 members, plus 10 more or so from ENPC. We will make a full report of SWF in August.


If you would like to send any information on to other members, please feel free to email AC21 Secretariat Office (office@ac21.org).




AC21 General Secretariat 



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