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Monthly Report No.6 (Sep. 27, 2007)

Dear AC21 Members, 

Greetings from AC21 General Secretariat! 

*A Visit to AC21 Institution * 

STC Chair Professor Yamamoto visited Chemnitz University of Technology on September 7. He met 
Vice-President of Marketing and International Affairs Prof. Dr. Cornelia Zanger, Chancellor Mr. 
Eberhard Alles, and International Office Director Ms. Esther Smykalla. Professor Yamamoto also met 
AC21 Communicator Ms. Katrin Schulz, who also participated in the Student World Forum in Paris. Ms. 
Schulz enjoyed participating in SWF, and hopes for continuity of this excellent event. 

*A Visit from AC21 Institution* 

AC21 General Secretariat welcomed President Zhou Qifeng, Vice President Qiu Shilun, Division of 
International Cooperation and Exchange Director Liu Debin and Deputy Director Li Meihua from Jilin 
University. They met STC Chair Professor Yamamoto and Director Professor Nomizu and discussed the 
future collaboration among AC21 members, and also what they can do in the next International Forum 
at North Carolina State University. 

*Meeting with Dr. Hans de Wit * 

AC21 Academic Staff Associate Professor Horie and AC21 Project Coordinator Associate Professor Iwaki 
participated in EAIE (European Association for International Education) which was held in Trondheim, 
Norway and met Dr. de Wit from Windesheim Honours College, who will be giving a keynote lecture on 
October 26. Dr. de Wit is very excited about this symposium, and we feel it will be a wonderful 
occasion to learn more about how consortium should work and what AC21 can do to make our consortium 
better! With this Monthly Report, we are going to attach the symposium poster. You are welcome to 
send this to any institution you wish. We believe this is one of the great ways to let people know 
more about what we do. 

*New Research Collaboration Fund Established by the University of Sydney* 

The University of Sydney has announced the establishment of a new International Program Development 
Fund -- International Network Research Collaborations (IPDF-INRC). This funding plan encourages 
research collaborations with member universities of the three international networks in which the 
University of Sydney is involved -- Academic Consortium 21 (AC21), the Association of Pacific Rim 
Universities (APRU) and the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). While the fund is open only to 
University of Sydney faculty, it provides up to $10,000 to successful applications for collaborative 
research, requiring matching support from the partner institution. For further details, see the 
relevant Guidelines at 
http://www.usyd.edu.au/international/about/docs/IPDF-INRC_2008_Guidelines.pdf. (See also the 
University of Sydney’s news page at 

*Nagoya University Seeking Proposals for the “2007 Nagoya University AC21 Projects”* 

Nagoya University is seeking proposals for the “2007 Nagoya University AC21 Projects,” a project 
fund established to promote academic exchange between Nagoya University and AC21 member 
institutions, and to help accelerate preparations for the next AC21 Forum, which is scheduled to be 
held at North Carolina State University in July 2008. The fund provides approximately one million 
yen (though not more than 1.5 million yen) for each of the six to eight proposals to be selected. 
While only Nagoya University faculty can submit a proposal, the project to be proposed must involve 
at least two AC21 member institutions, not including Nagoya University, and it should be a project 
that could lead to a continual AC21 project in the field of research, education, administration, or 
international exchange, with support from other financial resources. The following keywords are 
provided as possible project topics: "Industry-University Collaboration," "Asia," "Information and 
Communications Services," "Higher Education," "Health and Medicine," "Evaluation and Bench-marking," 
and "University Internationalization." The deadline for the submission of proposals is October 12, 

*AC21 Newsletter vol. 4* 

Newsletter vol. 4 is ready. It should reach you by beginning of October. Please look forward to it! 

AC21 General Secretariat 


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