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Monthly Report No.7 (Jan. 17, 2008)

Dear AC21 Members,


Happy New Years from AC21 General Secretariat!


We hope all of you had a wonderful new year and wish the best for 2008.


*Fourth Steering Committee Meeting*

The Fourth STC meeting was held at Nagoya University from October 25 and 26. We believe that the meeting was very successful, and we had many fruitful discussions. AC21 General Secretariat would like to thank to all the participants. The summary of this meeting will be distributed soon near future, and we will discuss the matters in detail at the General Assembly which will be held at North Carolina State University in July.



*International Forum in North Carolina State University July 28-30*

The Fourth AC21 International Forum is only 7 months away! As has been announced, the theme is “University Partnerships: Global Collaboration and Innovation for the 21st Century”, and we will have three concurrent themes: (satellite forums) on International Student and Academic Exchange, Challenges for Global Higher Education and Innovation and Technology Transfer. Call for Proposals will soon be sent to members from AC21 General Secretariat. Please check your schedule and look for the Web site for the forum which will be ready in a few weeks’ time.



*Student Mini Forum in Nagoya University*

Nagoya University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University held an International Conference for Research Exchange on Environmental Studies on November 15 and 16. Nagoya University welcomed two students from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and one student from Fudan University who had applied to the AC21 Student World Forum in Paris but could not participate (because of the visa problem) to this event, making it as “AC21 Student Mini Forum”. Nagoya University students who went to Paris also participated in this event. They discussed some of the serious environmental issues China and Japan are facing. Students took part in the International Conference, and later on had a discussion and a debate on the topics discussed at the conference. 



*A Visit from Kasetsart University*

Dr. Charuk Singhapreecha, Associate Dean for International Affairs from the Faculty of Economics and Dr. Wiboon Jongrattanamethikul, Associate Director of International Studies Center from Kasetsart University, Thailand, visited AC21 General Secretariat on December 21 and met STC Chair Dr. Yamamoto and AC21 Director Dr. Nomizu. They discussed the further cooperation between two universities and their involvement in AC21 activities.



*Summer Intensive Program 2008 on Automobile Engineering in Nagoya University*

Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, has set up the Summer Intensive Program on “Latest Advanced Technology and Tasks in Automobile Engineering” with an elementary Japanese course from June 2 to July 11, 2008 and calling participants in the Program. This course is designed for senior or master engineering students in all engineering fields (400 course level). We would like to ask your international office or study abroad office to assist your students’ applications. At the first year, Nagoya University opens the Program only to close partner universities and AC21 members. If you have any inquiries on this program, please feel free to contact AC21 General Secretariat. We hope to see some of your students! For further information, please visit

http://www.engg.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/nusip/ or email office@ac21.org



*AC21 Editorial Board*

AC21 General Secretariat have requested each member institutions to nominate one person as an AC21 editorial board member. We thank to those who responded quickly, and urge those who have not yet selected a member. Each member can bring in the articles to be published in the Newsletter or web-site which you wish to share with other members.



AC21 General Secretariat 



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