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Monthly Report No.73 (September 26, 2016)

Dear AC21 members,

Greetings from the AC21 General Secretariat!
Here are some updates and news to share with you.

1) Follow-up survey to map research profiles of AC21 members closed end of August
This survey is a follow-up to the last year's Research Profile Mapping Survey. The results of the 2015 Survey were presented at the STC Meeting and GA at Chemnitz this spring, which produced an active discussion among attendees and led to the decision to conduct a follow-up survey that explored potential topics or themes for the AC21 research collaboration in the five key research areas identified in the Research Profile Mapping Survey 2015.

A follow-up survey form was circulated to all AC21 member universities via email in mid-July by TU Chemnitz, the leader of the AC21 Research Profile Mapping initiative.

Submission deadline was August 31, 2016. If your university has not yet responded to the survey, please complete and submit it at your earliest convenience to Wolfgang of TU Chemnitz at: wolfgang.lambrecht@iuz.tu-chemnitz.de

2) Financial Support for Students to participate in AC21 International Graduate School 2017 at Gadjah Mada
Since the previous student event in 2015, AC21 provides a limited number of students studying at member universities with financial support to enable them to participate in the AC21 Student World Forum (SWF) or AC21 International Graduate School (IGS).
This funding program will apply to participants in the upcoming IGS 2018 to be hosted by Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia and the General Secretariat is scheduled to issue the call for applications early next year.
Successful applicants will be granted with an amount equivalent to the flight fare between their home country and the host country.

3) AC21 Steering Committee (STC) Meeting open for STC members only
We would like to announce that the AC21 STC Meeting 2017 at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia will be held only for STC members, in order to streamline the relevant arrangements and costs, and facilitate effective discussion at the Meeting.
Furthermore, from 2017 onwards, the STC Meeting will be held not only as a closed meeting exclusively for STC members, but also on a "paperless" basis, from the perspectives of time- and cost-efficiencies, as well as of eco-friendliness.

Thank you for your continued support of AC21 and its activities.
If you would like to share news or events with the other members through this Monthly Report, please send them to the AC21 General Secretariat at: office@ac21.org.

Warm regards,
AC21 General Secretariat

E-mail: office@ac21.org

URL: http://www.ac21.org

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