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Monthly Report No.87 (December 12, 2017)

Dear AC21 members,


Greetings from the AC21 General Secretariat! In less than three weeks, as 2017 will draw to a close, we'd like to share some news and updates quickly.



1) SPF 2018 Application Open Now

Are you interested in becoming more committed to the AC21 through your research? Then, the AC21 Special Project Fund is a perfect opportunity for you. Thanks to our members' support and enthusiasm, the number of the SPF applications has increased each year for the past few years.


SPF 2018 Guidelines (with the Applications Form) can be found at: http://www.ac21.org/english/activities/special/

The application is open from November 1 to January 31.

All applications must be submitted by email to the General Secretariat from your university's AC21 Communicator as specified in the Guidelines. Applicants should please read carefully the Guidelines to make sure their applications conform to the instructions therein.



3) IF 2018 To Be Held at Jilin

The 2018 International Forum will be organized by Jilin University with the theme of "University Innovation and Social Development". The participants will discuss and share their experience and insights on several issues related to this theme, including: Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Interdisciplinary Research & International Collaboration; MOOCs and Reform in Higher Education; Innovative Networks for Higher Institutions.


The Forum is scheduled from July 4-7, 2018, and you should save these dates on your calendar. Further information will be released from Jilin,



3) IGS 2017 Photo Gallery To Be Available Online

The 2017 AC21 International Graduate School hosted by the Gadjah Mada University was a great success and some of our students shared with us their impressions and knowledge learned at Yogyakarta by contributing short essays to the latest issue of the AC12 Newsletter (http://www.ac21.org/files/7915/1053/6759/KF_2017Oct_NL24_.pdf).


Although the AC21 website has also displayed pictures of the IGS 2017 in a slideshow on the top page (http://www.ac21.org/english/index), we have been working on setting up the IGS 2017's dedicated web page to enable many more pictures to be viewed online. This IGS 2017 "photo gallery" will be completed soon.




Thank you for your continued support of AC21 and its activities.

If you would like to share news or events with the other members through this Monthly Report, please send them to the AC21 General Secretariat at: office@ac21.org.


Warm regards,

AC21 General Secretariat


E-mail: office@ac21.org

URL: http://www.ac21.org

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