Main Activities


The activities of AC21 can be divided into the three broad areas of Education, Research, and Partnerships with Industry and Local Regions. Through joining the organization, all members have agreed to support the following activities:


  1. Regularly holding AC21 International Research and Student Forums
  2. Active exchange of students, faculty members and administrative staff
  3. Shared access to information on research interests and academic activities
  4. Development of cooperative educational programs
  5. Development of partnerships with industry and local regions.



  • Development of students with a multi-cultural understanding and an international perspective
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary research bridging the cultural gap between humanities and science
  • Promotion of lifelong education
  • Dissemination of world-class knowledge and provision of outstanding human resource development



  • Support of high-quality, internationally active researchers
  • Promotion of international collaborative research
  • Creation of international frameworks for technology transfer
  • Assisting the development of internationally competitive industries


Partnerships with Local Regions and Industry:

  • Development of cultural and technological exchange
  • Understanding company cultures through international internship programs
  • Strengthening of R&D through collaboration of AC21 (associate) members
  • Provision of information on legislations, labor, etc. for associate members