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Monthly Report No.4 (Jul. 24, 2007)

Dear AC21 Members, 

Greetings from AC21 General Secretariat! 


AC21 General Secretariat visited North Carolina State University from June 17 to 21 to discuss the 
themes and proceedings of the Fourth AC21 International Forum. Professor Bailian Li, Dr. Betsy Brown 
and other NC State staff who will actively be involved in making the Forum a success, gathered 
including Study Abroad Office Director Ms. Schmidt who was one of the speakers at the Sydney Forum 
in 2004. The discussion went well and we are very happy to announce that some of the themes for the 
satellite forums and sessions will be continuum topics from Nagoya, Sydney and Warwick. Of course, 
new themes have also been incorporated. We also visited the possible sites for holding the opening 
ceremony, receptions and various sessions. All sites were very attractive, and we are already 
looking forward to this very much. You can find the dates and themes (tentative) below, so please 
check your calendar! 

From July 2-5, AC21 General Secretariat also visited Chulalongkorn University and Kasetsart 
University in Thailand. We introduced the latest news of AC21, discussed the future of AC21 and 
possible research we can collaborate actively through AC21. 


As mentioned above, the date and themes (tentative) has been set for our next International Forum. 

・         Dates: July 28 ? July 30, 2008 

・         Theme: “University Partnerships: Global Collaboration and Innovation for the 21st 

・         Three concurrent themes: 

1) International Student and Academic Exchange 

2) Challenges for Global Higher Education 

3) Innovation and Technology Transfer 

Forum will be two and a half days with plenary sessions, panel discussions, and three concurrent 
themes (satellite forums), each addressing the importance of partnerships. Steering Committee 
Meeting (STC) will be held the previous day, July 27 afternoon and General Assembly (GA) will be on 
Monday morning. 

NC State will be seeking for speakers related to topics from AC21 members. As soon as we receive 
concrete themes, we will announce them to you. We would like for every member to get together at NC 
State in the summer of 2008 and to participate in this wonderful event. The forum web-site will also 
be open near future for the latest information. 


As been announced in the last monthly report, STC will be held in Nagoya three months from now, 
October 25 to 26. Special workshop on topic concerning quality and evaluation of higher education 
will follow the event, and we would like for many members to participate. 


Currently, we are working very hard to improve our web site. We welcome news or information which 
you would like announce to the AC21 members. Please email office@ac21.org . 


AC21 General Secretariat 


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