Monthly Report No.90 (July 31, 2018)


Dear AC21 members,


 Greetings from the AC21 General Secretariat!

 We thank you all for gathering at the AC21 International Forum 2018 at Jilin University.

 Here are some updates and news to share with you.


News & Updates

NAFSA AC21 Network Meeting


 The 9th AC21-TUC NAFSA Working Meeting, an annual gathering was organized by Chemnitz University of Technology (TUC) which took place in Philadelphia, USA on May 29. We would like to thank TUC for taking the initiative and for their commitment.

 At the meeting, topics such as university management, academic efficiency and training of young academics were actively discussed. There were suggestions about creating a platform within AC21, where member universities have opportunities to obtain information on conferences, forums and workshops held at other member universities. As a result, when there is a plan to hold a conference, its information will first be provided to the AC21General Secretariat, who will then distribute the information to all member universities via mailing list and through the AC21 HP.


NAFSA AC21 Network MTG 2018

Participating   AC21 members in this meeting: TUC, University of Freiburg, Jilin University,   North Carolina State University, Canterbury University, Chulalongkorn   University, University of Minnesota and Nagoya University.



Report on AC21 International Forum (IF) 2018 at Jilin, P.R.C (July 4-7)


 The 9th International Forum was hosted by Jilin University on July 4-7, bringing together participants from fourteen universities in eight countries and regions. We also had distinguished partner schools of Jilin joining the event. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to Jilin University for this successful event and for building friendships!

 At the plenary sessions, speakers from both member and non-member universities discussed on the topics around various forms of future university education, tackling issues of “21st century university students, 20th century teachers, and 19th century classrooms”, and lively discussions followed at the Steering Committee (STC) and General Assembly (GA) Meetings.


 At the GA, Nanjing University was elected to host the Forum in 2021.

  Photos and videos will be available on our website very soon.


Jilin if 1

Jilin if 2

Transition of the AC21 IF Presidency to

Kasetsart University (Thailand)

At the General Assembly Meeting



   Jilin IF(3)

AC21 Member Universities gathering after the General Assembly Meeting




Publishing AC21 News Letter


 We are currently getting ready to publish the AC21 News Letter Vol. 25 in October-November, 2018. This upcoming issue will be featuring the International Forum 2018 in Jilin University P.R.C., and we will soon be requesting some of our AC21 member schools to take part in submitting a short report. There will also be reports on SPF 2017 and 2018 and many more!



  Thank you for your continued support to AC21 and its activities.

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AC21 General Secretariat